Stainless steel coils

Definition and classification of Stainless steel coils

A finished steel product known as a coil has been rolled, wound, or coiled after being formed into a sheet or strip. According to current products and international standards, steel coils are divided into cold-rolled steel coils and hot-rolled steel coils, or stainless steel coils, carbon coils, and galvanized steel coils based on the experience gained over the years. The steel coil supplier will then give you access to the following information:

  • Hot-rolled steel coils

To create hot-rolled steel coils, semi-finished goods must first be rolled, annealed, and reduced to a specific thickness. Pipes, steel doors, and tanks are made of hot-rolled steel, which is also used to make cold-rolled steel.

Cold-rolled steel coils

To remove rust from hot-rolled steel plates, the plates are “pickled” in a mild acid solution, followed by washing, brushing, drying, oiling, uncoiling, and cold rolling through the plate. It is then wrapped into coils after being forced through a size-reduction reduction device.

Carbon coils

When it comes to components other than carbon, silicon, manganese, sulfur, and phosphorus, a carbon coil is a form of steel that often contains very little of them. As a result, it lacks a substantial alloying element. Applications in the second grade that don’t have a lot of requirements for surface quality are ideal candidates for carbon coils. Carbon coil steel is available in a range of grades and thicknesses to accommodate the numerous uses for this material.


  • Galvanized coils

A hot-rolled or cold-rolled sheet or strip is coated with zinc using either the hot-dipping or electrolytic deposition procedures, which results in the galvanized coil. Typically, the hot dip method’s zinc coating is thick enough to prevent corrosion without additional coating. Except in weakly corrosive situations, materials that have been electronically galvanized cannot be used for corrosion-resistant applications without additional chemical treatment and painting.