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Seamless stainless steel pipe,

Seamless stainless steel pipe,stock resistance

After a month-long decline, the seamless stainless steel pipe market in Shandong and even the whole country has continued its market surge since yesterday. The overall market is also recovering and growing, and stainless steel inventory velocities are expected to continue to be seamless. Market sentiment has played a positive role in stabilizing markets. The following are described in the following aspects:

First, the price of seamless stainless steel pipe will hit a turning point after a sharp drop. The market for stainless steel seamless pipes recovered from the downturn at the end of the month. Falling prices are the biggest downtrend of the year. I compared the price cuts in March this year and March last year with the three times last year, but the seamless stainless steel pipe in late March this year. Prices basically correspond to the same period last year.

Comparing prices, the 2017 stainless steel seamless pipe market began at the end of April. This year’s decrease compared to last year is greater than last year’s. This is relevant to the current situation this year. Due to the large inventory, the price drop of seamless stainless steel pipe has become serious this year. However, this year’s market will also start at the end of April, or the risk of falling in April has already become apparent. Second, seamless stainless steel tube, the high stock is the maximum resistance.

Information from the latest stage of the National Social Inventory has increased significantly compared to the same period last year. In addition, steel mill inventories and post-production are the uncertain factors affecting this seamless stainless steel pipe price recovery. I’m here.

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