Some people have a tendency to concentrate their efforts when recycling scrap metal on large-scale can collections, heavy appliances, and automobile batteries.

At a reputable scrap metal recycling facility, all of these will undoubtedly help you make money, but they aren’t where the big bucks are.

You should seriously consider recycling the copper wires found in outdated gadgets that you or your business no longer use if earning money from scrap metal is your goal.

Currently, the price of copper wire ranges from $0.25 to $2.70, depending on its form.

Here are some recycling suggestions to make sure you get the most out of your scrap metal if you have some copper wire you may sell.

Recycle what you can.

Not all copper is recyclable, so not all copper wire is environmentally friendly. It is crucial to take the time to conduct a thorough study and discover whether you have recyclable wire.

We’d be pleased to help you with some of the burden. The copper alternatives that we accept are as follows:

  • Bare copper tubing
  • Chops of shiny copper wire
  • Wrapped copper wire
  • If you can, strip your wiring.

At a recycling facility, clean wire or wire with no insulation will be worth more. After all, we need to make sure your copper is free of insulation and fittings in order to recycle it.

We advise stripping your wires yourself before coming to us if you are confident in your wire cleaning skills. Copper wires can be stripped in two ways:

Get a wire stripper and carefully remove the copper’s insulation. Because wire strippers can easily nick and break off your copper pieces, be careful when completing this process.

Run a lighted flame along the insulation’s edge for a short while. The insulation should then be physically peeled off the wire before it cools. A clean wire that is ready for our recycling procedure should result from this.

Utilise a Scrap Metal Company to Recycle

You could easily recycle your old wire in the trash each week, but it would merely be a waste of your own money.

We advise conducting research and locating a scrap metal recycling business in Brazos Street or your neighbourhood that can assist you in recycling your copper wire in exchange for money.

To guarantee that you always leave our centre with an accurate transaction, we can help you sort your metals and use our industry-standard scales.

What advantages does recycling copper wire offer?

With Arizoglobal, you can get the most for your scrap metal right now. Consider any extra copper wire you may have sitting around your house to be a goldmine that you should exploit.